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Reading: The Role of Resource Information Centres in the Community Based Rehabilitation Framework


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The Role of Resource Information Centres in the Community Based Rehabilitation Framework


Haider Darain ,

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland UK; Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, PK
About Haider

Haider Darain is a lecturer is the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Currently, he is doing his PhD from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. His area of interest is community-based rehabilitation programmes. In his PhD research, he is comparing the effectiveness of hospital- and community-based rehabilitation programmes on neuro-musculoskeletal and psychophysiological outcomes in a clinical population who have undergone anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.

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Abdulhameed Alkitani,

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland, GB
About Abdulhameed

Abdulahmeed Al Kitani is a senior sport physiotherapist working for Ministry of Sports, Oman. He has been working with national football teams of Oman since 1999. Currently he is a PhD student at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, U.K where his main interest lies in the area of anterior cruciate rehabilitation. His current research is looking at investigating the effects of accelerated rehabilitation and genotypes on functional, neuromusculoskeletal and psychophysiological performances in patients with surgical repair of knee injury.

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Muhammad Kashif,

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, GB
About Muhammad

Muhammad Kashif recently completed his postgraduate studies in physiotherapy from UK. His areas of expertise are rehabilitation of persons with disability and disability in general. In the past, he has worked with Handicap International as Technical officer and was the Head of Physiotherapy Department at Helping Hand Rehabilitation Centre in earthquake affected areas of Pakistan. He has five years of experience in the field of physiotherapy.

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Najat Soboh El-ziq

Institute of Child Health, University of London, GB
About Najat Soboh

Najat Soboh El-ziq is a disability Advisor with 15 years of experience in the field of disability, rehabilitation and advocacy for the rights of disabled people. She holds a degree in Physiotherapy from Bethlehem University and a Masters in Community Disability studies in Developing Countries from the University of London.  She has worked in many countries including Palestine, Egypt, Pakistan and Denmark.

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Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes aim to utilise the existing resources in the community for persons with disabilities. This paper describes the role of the Resource Information Centres (RICs) set up in the aftermath of the earthquake in Pakistan, as part of the CBR framework. The authors perused relevant literature and added inputs from their experience regarding the role of RICs. The majority of persons with disabilities are not aware of the facilities available in their local areas. The RICs could play a vital role in guiding them to access the existing facilities comprehensively. RICs also carry out a variety of activities that facilitate social integration of persons with disabilities.

How to Cite: Darain, H., Alkitani, A., Kashif, M. and El-ziq, N.S., 2013. The Role of Resource Information Centres in the Community Based Rehabilitation Framework. Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development, 24(3), pp.131–138. DOI:
Published on 06 Nov 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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