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Reading: Disease and Disability in the Elderly: A Call for Research


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Letter to Editor

Disease and Disability in the Elderly: A Call for Research


Jyoti Singh,

Health Services, Parry Agro Industries, Valparai, Tamil Nadu, IN
About Jyoti

Senior Manager, Health Services

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MJ Thomas ,

Sagar Hospital, Bangalore, IN
About MJ

Dr. MJ Thomas is a senior consultant and coordinator of Psychiatry at Sagar Hospital, Bangalore India. He has been associated with the Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal from its inception, developing the idea of the journal and its content. mentoring the initial team behind the journal, initiating and analysing feedback surveys and carrying out periodic qualitative reviews of the journal.

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Maya Thomas

Disability and Development, Bangalore, IN
About Maya

Maya Thomas is the Founder-Editor of the Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal. With a doctorate in Psychology, she is an independent consultant on disability, CBR and development, based in Bangalore, India. Her areas of work include policy development and strategy planning related to disability and development, particularly community based approaches; evaluation of disability programmes; and capacity building and training of planners and managers of disability programmes. She has more than 20 years of experience in these areas countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Dr. Thomas is on the Editorial Committee of the World Report on Disability of WHO, Geneva, and has been a member of the Core Group for the development of the WHO CBR Guidelines (2010).

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How to Cite: Singh, J., Thomas, M. and Thomas, M., 2013. Disease and Disability in the Elderly: A Call for Research. Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development, 24(1), pp.150–152. DOI:
Published on 01 May 2013.


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