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Reading: Relevance of CBR for the Asia-Pacific Region


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Relevance of CBR for the Asia-Pacific Region


San Yuenwah

Social Development Division, United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok, TH
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Senior Advisor on Disability - Inclusive Disability
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While the focus of CBR action is at the community level, it is pertinent to note some of the Asia-Pacific region’s overall development trends. In an interconnected world, these trends have significant implications for the practice of CBR and its advancement in the region.

This paper discusses how CBR could give impetus to a community-supported self-help movement for change. The paper presents seven prisms for akaleidoscopic view to highlight some parameters that are unique to the Asia-Pacific scenario for CBR. The relevance of CBR for this region is discussed in relation to two groups of issues: the first refers to chronic issues of poverty, hunger and inequalities; and the second, to dramatic emerging challenges, from urbanisation to the current economic scenario.

Keywords: CBR, Asia-Pacific
How to Cite: Yuenwah, S., 2012. Relevance of CBR for the Asia-Pacific Region. Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development, 23(1), pp.7–13. DOI:
Published on 31 May 2012.


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