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Sources of Support

Disability, CBR & Inclusive Development is fully reliant on financial support from the following organizations, whom we wish to thank for their endorsement !

Netherlands Leprosy Relief (NLR) is a Dutch non-profit organization committed to a world without leprosy and its consequences. It tries to achieve this by supporting health authorities in countries where leprosy is prevalent. NLR promotes the independent social and economic functioning of leprosy patients and their families. By supporting scientific research NLR wants to improve the effectiveness of leprosy control.

Netherlands Leprosy Relief is a member of the International Federation of Anti Leprosy Associations (ILEP). NLR supports national health authorities in over twenty countries with endemic leprosy problems, collaborates with international partners in leprosy control, and works professionally and efficiently.


The Liliane Foundation contributes to a world that is open to everyone and in which poor children with disabilities can develop and use their talents. The foundation collaborates with local partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America to raise awareness of the ‘exclusion’ of these children and to remove the barriers that they suffer because their environment is not set up to allow their participation.