Zero Rejection Policy in Admission of Children with Special Needs - Myth or Reality

Bharti Kaushik


Purpose: To study the difficulties (if any) faced in the admission process of Children With Special Needs (CWSN) and the reason for these difficulties (if any) and also to suggest possible solutions for overcoming the difficulties.

Methods: The data was collected from 16 resource teachers working in Delhi. The anecdotal narratives provided by resource teachers were qualitatively analyzed via content shifting.

Results: Majority (more than 80 %) of the resource teachers faced lot of difficulties while acting as facilitator for admission of CWSN.

Conclusion: Existing lack of awareness about the zero rejection policy by the school authorities (principal/head teacher), fear of accidents in the school, bullying of CWSN by non-CWSN, non-availability of resource teacher and the required support, were found to be the main challenges in implementation of zero rejection policy in admission of CWSN. The possible solution lies in preparing the regular teachers for addressing the needs of CWSN in the inclusive classroom and in turn making them responsible and accountable for teaching learning of CWSN, just like they are for children without special needs.


Children with special needs; inclusive school; Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

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