Life Expectancy After Spinal Cord Injury In a Developing Country-A Retrospective Study At CRP, Bangladesh.

Abdur Razzak, Sayeed Uddin Helal, Reshma Parvin Nuri


Purpose: To find out the average survival rate following Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) in Bangladesh. 

Method: 158 randomly selected death records  of  persons with SCI  from the years 1979 to 1999, were analysed retrospectively in August 2009, at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed, (CRP), Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The records showed that 91% were males and the mean age of sustaining injury was 33.85 years. Most of them were paraplegic (79.75%) and the injuries were traumatic in origin (86.1%). Overall, 56.4% of those admitted died within 5 years and only 16.4% survived beyond 10 years following SCI. Every four out of five affected persons died at home.

Results: Though there was difficulty in comparing survival rates of persons with  SCI  in developing and developed countries,  life expectancy among persons with SCI  in the current study was found to be much lower than that of similar patients in developed countries.

Conclusions: Further research on a larger scale, using an international standardised method to compare results, is essential to  produce more accurate data. Special attention needs to be paid to improving the support systems for persons with SCI in  the acute rehabilitation   and reintegration phases of care in Bangladesh. 

Key words: Paraplegia, life expectancy, survival, SCI, developing countries, Bangladesh.

doi 10.5463/DCID.v22i2.34



Paraplegia, life expectancy, survival, SCI, developing countries, Bangladesh

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