Accessibility of Students with Physical Disability to Washrooms in Bungoma Bus Terminus, Kenya

Marilyn Apella Ochieng', George Mark Onyango, George Godwin Wagah


Purpose: To assess the accessibility of students with physical disability to washrooms in Bungoma main bus terminus.

Method: A case study approach was used. Data were collected through a structured questionnaire and an observation schedule. A total of 108 respondents from three schools participated in the study.

Results: It was established that washrooms in the area were narrow and full of barriers which hampered access to the facilities. Respondents experienced difficulty in using the washrooms due to the narrow doors, high thresholds and lack of grab bars.

Conclusion: This study concluded that the numerous barriers in the washrooms of Bungoma bus terminus hampered the safety and mobility of students with physical disability.

doi 10.5463/DCID.v24i1.194


Universal design; disability awareness; accessibility; physical disability

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