: New publication in CBM’s Series on Disability-Inclusive Development

CBM has just published another book "Inclusion Counts: The Economic Case for Disability-Inclusive Development" as part of their series on DID.

This publication challenges the commonly-held perception that disability-inclusive development interventions are financially unfeasible or are too difficult to achieve, particularly in low-income countries. It is based on evidence from a literature review on how barriers in society exclude persons with disabilities from key areas of life such as health, education, and work and livelihood. It analyses the economic costs which result from exclusion and potential gains of inclusion. It asks readers to consider the following questions: can governments afford to continue excluding women, men, girls, and boys with disabilities from key areas of life? How can investment in inclusion benefit persons with disabilities, their families, and societies overall and how can international cooperation support this inclusion?

The publication is available in English and German (“Inklusion – ein Gewinn für alle. Warum sich inklusive Entwicklungszusammenarbeit lohnt”).

Hard copy versions of the book will be available for purchase at www.epubli.de.

A free accessible version of the book is available for download at: www.cbm.org/Disability-Inclusive-Development-Publication-Series (English); www.cbm.de/fachpublikationen (German)