The Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal is renamed Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development

The journal will become an open access, on-line publication, which can be freely accessed. The number of print copies will be gradually reduced. with a limited number of print copies. We request readers who are unable to access the journal on the internet, to write to us. Only those who request for print copies will receive them. Three to four issues will be brought out in a year. The editorial board will be revamped and expanded to include representation from stakeholders with different expertise, from all regions of the world. A secretariat will be established to manage the journal on a day-to-day basis, to reduce delays and speed up the process of review, acceptance or rejection and publication of manuscripts.

The journal will cover the following content themes, with emphasis on perspectives from developing countries:

  • Community-based rehabilitation
  • Inclusive education
  • Women with disabilities
  • Inclusive development
  • Human rights and self-advocacy
  • Disabled Persons’ Organisations (DPOs)
  • Policy and legislation related to disability issues
  • Health-related rehabilitation and outcomes - perspectives from developing countries
  • Assistive devices - perspectives from developing countries
  • Accessibility (including inclusive design)
  • Disability and HIV/AIDS/reproductive health
  • Disability and conflict
  • Disability and emergencies

The editorial team of the Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal thanks all the authors and readers who have been associated with the journal till now, and looks forward to a continued partnership through the Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development.

Dr. Maya Thomas.

Email : Maya Thomas