Journal History

(Formerly Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal)

The Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal was started in 1997, with the support of Action for Disability, UK. CORDAID,  Netherlands  joined Action for Disability as a sponsor some years later. With the support of these two donors,  2 issues of the journal were brought out each year, and  distributed free of cost to readers,  60% of whom were from developing countries. The journal was for private circulation, meant  for researchers, planners, administrators, professionals, donor organizations and implementing agencies involved in disability and community based rehabilitation. About 2000 copies of each issue were mailed to over 90 countries, with an estimated readership of about 20000. AIFO, a donor from Italy started hosting the journal and its back issues on their website from 2001.

Over the past 13 years, the Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal developed a readership base in over 90 countries that included not only  Asia, but also Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Australia/Pacific. The journal has attracted a wide range of articles on disability and rehabilitation, with an attempt to focus on community-based rehabilitation. Given the increasing importance of disability issues, in particular human rights and community-based rehabilitation, combined with the fact that the majority of people with disabilities live in low and middle-income countries,  the time is right for the Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal to have a more global scope; to  continue to be free and openly accessible for readers and free for authors; to reach higher international scientific quality; and to be published more frequently.

From 2011, the Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal will be known as DISABILITY, CBR AND INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT.