Ms. Karen Heinicke-Motsch

Ms. Karen Heinicke-Motsch Mail

Karen Heinicke-Motsch coordinates CBM’s Global Advisory Working Group on Community-Based Rehabilitation, and is the Director of International Programs at CBM US. A trained early interventionist and special educator with a focus on inclusive education, Ms. Heinicke-Motsch has developed sustainable and innovative CBR programs in South East Asia and Latin America. In addition to her work with CBM, she managed Mobility International USA’s International (MIUSA) Development and Disability department for a three year period.  She has served as a subject matter expert on the development of USAID’s staff training program on inclusive development, and is a past representative of CBM on the Board of the Global Partnership for Disability and Development.


Ms. Heinicke-Motsch is the author of numerous articles on the topics of CBR, disability and inclusive development. She is the co-editor of the CBR Guidelines (WHO, ILO, UNESCO, IDDC 2010). During her time with MIUSA, she co-edited “Building an Inclusive Development Community”, and co-directed the video documentary on women with disabilities and economic empowerment, “Loud, Proud and Prosperous”.