Prof. William Boyce

Prof. William Boyce Mail

William Boyce is Professor (retired) at Queen’s University (Canada) in the Centre for Health Services & Policy Research and the Faculty of Education.  He has a Special appointment in School of Rehabilitation Therapy. From 1992-2009, he was Director of the Social Program Evaluation Group, an applied development, training and research group at Queen’s University. Prof. Boyce has managed development programs in Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia, and has extensive consulting experience with organisations including Canadian International Development Agency, International Development Research Centre, World Health Organization and United Nations Development Program.


Prof. Boyce’s current rehabilitation research interests include community disability in development programs, mental health, technological transfer of rehabilitation devices, and evaluation of impairment, disability and handicap in areas of conflict.  He is the author of over 100 articles and 14 books, including ‘An Educator's Manual for Community Based Rehabilitation: Teaching Community Development for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities’.