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Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development (formerly Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal) aims to publish evidence-based information to address needs of practitioners (particularly those from developing countries), policy makers, organisations of persons with disabilities and the scientific community.



CBM launches it’s first publication “The Future is Inclusive: How to Make International Development Disability-Inclusive”


CBM announces the launch of it’s publication “The Future is Inclusive: How to Make International Development Disability-Inclusive”. This is the first publication in a new series produced by CBM called the “Series on Disability-Inclusive Development”. Forthcoming topics in the series include general topics on disability-inclusive development such as human rights, global development and also specialized topics on health, education and livelihood.

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Vol 25, No 4 (2014): Winter 2014

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Editorial PDF
Maya Thomas 3-4

Original Research Articles

Narratives Around Concealment and Agency for Stigma-reduction: A study of Women affected by Leprosy in Cirebon District, Indonesia PDF
Ruth M H Peters, Miranda E Hofker, Wim H van Brakel, Zweekhorst B M Marjolein, Francisia S S E Seda, Irwanto Irwanto, Joske F G Bunders 5-21
Exploring a Model of Effectual Learning for a Student Speech Pathology Placement at a Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Centre in Malaysia PDF
Sandra Van Dort, Linda Wilson, Julia Coyle 22-42
Community Mobilisation in a CBR Programme in a Rural Area of Sri Lanka PDF
Masateru Higashida 43-60
Barriers to Early Diagnosis, Intervention and Social Integration of Children with Developmental Disabilities: A Qualitative Study from Rural Villages and a Poor Urban Settlement of Bangalore, South India. PDF
Carolin Elizabeth George, Gift Norman, Tanya Elizabeth Benjamin, Devashri Mukherjee 61-83
Assessing Parental Role as Resource Persons in Achieving Goals of Early Detection and Intervention for Children with Hearing Impairment PDF
Mohammad Shamim Ansari 84-98
Disability Inclusion in Primary Health Care in Nepal: An Explorative Study of Perceived Barriers to Access Governmental Health Services PDF
Suzanne van Hees, Huib Cornielje, Prakash Wagle, Evert Veldman 99-118
Knowledge and Beliefs about Ear and Hearing Health among Mothers of Young Children in a Rural Community in South India PDF
Meivizhi Narayansamy, Vidya Ramkumar, Roopa Nagarajan 119-135

Letters to the Editor

The Application of Focus Group Discussions and Interviews in Community Physiotherapy PDF
Pavithra Rajan 136-138